Guide to Clean Air in your Home

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Air conditioner keeps the atmosphere of your house clean and fresh. There is a filter in the cooling system, a fine mesh, situated just below the front board through which the air flows. The main function of the filter is to trap the dust and making the air dust free. It keeps the indoor air clean and protects the radiator of the indoor unit from getting dirty. Therefore it is very important to keep the air conditioner filters clean because they affect the working of the system and also the health of the residents. The filters should be changed at regular intervals as they help to keep the atmosphere clean.

Many of them prefer to clean the filters but it is necessary to change them because their prolonged use can affect the functions of the unit. However the role of the air conditioner filters in keeping the atmosphere clean is well established. The air filter picks up dust and pollens and traps them in the fine mesh thus releasing clean and fresh air into the space. Those persons who have dust allergies or asthma, for them it is very important to stay away from dust particles and live in a place which is free from contamination.

Apart from purifying the air and keeping the house atmosphere clean, there are many practical roles of the air conditioning filters. A clean air filter increases the efficiency of the cooling system. But if it is not changed on time then it results in clogged air flow because a layer of dirt builds up inside which reduces the efficiency of the system. The cooling system works smoothly and thus helps in cutting down huge energy bills. Pollution has increased like anything and people are ready to pay a good amount of money to get pure air but simply by changing the AC filters you can save a lot of money and can also continue to get fresh and clean air for your home.

Many of us don't change the AC filters because we think that it would consume a lot of time to find the correct one. But the online portals have made this task easy because now you can find and purchase air conditioner filters online. They provide you the ease to search for the best filters for your unit. So change your AC filter on regular intervals to maintain the supply of fresh air to your indoors.

Plants will help you

Well you may think the outdoors can be fairly polluted sometimes but actually most homes suffer from indoor pollution. Just think on any average day the pollutants residing in your home due to cooking, bathroom plus all the unnatural cleaning products like air fresheners, plastics, insecticides and many others that we use to try and rid our home of all these pollutants that we use. In fact indoor pollution has been measured at more than eleven times what outdoor pollution can be and just imagine the effect it has on us breathing all this in, plus damage to our skin.

The good news is that help is at end because various studies have shown that ordinary house plants will rid your home of smells and pollutants faster and more naturally than any of those horrible chemical based air fresheners that you'll buy at your supermarket.

Other studies have also shown that not only are house plants natural enemies to unnatural pollutants but they are also a natural way of increasing humidity in your home, so in winter months you're not going to burn up so much power with all those heaters you must leave on.

So what are the best house plants to use for clean air?

The Areca Palm - Releases a lot of moisture into the home air and is top of the list for the removal of toxins.

Lady Palm - Also an excellent remover of toxins and a nice easy to care for plant.

Rubber Plant - Easily grown under low light and milder temperatures. The best at formaldehyde removal. (Poisonous to Cats)

Dracaena Janet Craig - Will remove trichloroethylene and is great to look at. (Poisonous to Cats)

English Ivy - Can be grown hanging, or as ground cover or as a topiary. Suitable for most environments. (Poisonous if eaten to Cats, Dogs and Humans - Keep away from Children).

Dwarf Date Palm - Will remove xylene. Is slower growing but has a longer life. Generally good at removing all toxins.

Ficus Alii - Easy growing, good remover of all pollutants and very resistant to insects.

Boston Fern - Another excellent pollutant remover also the best in the bunch for raising humidity levels.

Peace Lily - Has a fabulous foliage and beautiful flowers plus it will remove all your pollutants - You've got to buy one of these whatever you do. (Poisonous to Cats).

Other best plants to use for clean air are - Gerber Daisy's, Chrysanthemum's, Aloe, Orchids, Azalea's and Corn plants.

Best advice for the best house plants to clean air are buying between 15 to 20 for an average two bedroom home and placing them in strategic positions, kitchen, bathroom, laundry - places that are frequented most often - because remember that we breathe out carbon dioxide and plants actually breathe carbon dioxide in.

Even regardless of plants ability to suck up pollutants, just having them in your home simply brightens people up and has a definite relaxent on people.

But just remember that just like us they need plenty of care and attention. So, get into a habit of feeding them and watering them to get the best results.