Carpet cleaning - How To Clean Carpets

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Ponder this question for a what area of your house is there more bacteria...your toilet seat or your carpet?

Believe it or not the answer is - your carpet! Studies show the typical homeowners' carpet contains about 200,000 bacteria in every square inch, about 4,000 times as much as their toilet seat. Does that make you want to keep your socks on?

Where does all this bacteria come from? Skin cells, food and drink particles, pollen, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, exhaust and all types of other pollutants all supply bacteria living in your carpeting. It comes in from your shoes, your clothes, your skin, your hair, even the air.

That's why regularly scheduled carpet cleaning is essential. If you wait until your carpet looks dirty to get it cleaned, you've already been living among and breathing in these harmful substances in your carpet. Carpet cleaning doesn't just mean removing the filth and spots on the exterior, but it means getting these germs and bacteria below the surface.

Unfortunately, many vacuums and the vast majority of hardware store rental or retail carpet cleaning machines don't have the suction power, high temperatures, or water pressure to remove a great deal of this bacteria. The "one size fits all" cleaning solutions sold to the general homeowner don't have the effectiveness as those made specifically for the cleaning industry. A good carpet cleaner has a variety of cleaners to use in different situations. A good carpet cleaner has also had training to use these cleaners properly. Overdoing or using the wrong type of cleaning solutions in your carpets can lead to problems. Not every carpet cleaner in your town can do this if he isn't using the right cleaners, methods, equipment, or doesn't have a sufficient amount of proper training.

That's why it's important to find a company that uses qualified, skillful, IICRC Certified technicians for a deep steam clean at least once annually.

What can you do to keep your carpets clean in the meantime? To lower the quantity of bacteria in your carpet, remove shoes worn outside once you enter your home. Use rugs you can machine wash in high-traffic areas. Keep in mind, though, this won't totally do away with these pollutants, they still come in from your skin, hair, socks, and clothes. But it will lower them and help keep your home and air cleaner. Furthermore vacuum at least once per week, more if you have children or pets playing on your carpet.

A major yet often overlooked key to keeping healthy is by keeping clean. A clean home and a clean carpet make for clean air and a healthier family.

Carpets serve a wide variety of purposes, from providing warmth and comfort in the house to adding a decorative touch to your lovely home. Because carpets are made of materials such as wool and fiber, they eventually become dirty. This is the reason why many homeowners need carpet cleaning services. Here are some pointers for people who wish to clean their own carpets:

It is important to vacuum your carpets at least once a week. You will probably need to perform the cleaning twice a week on places where a lot of people walk through. Regular vacuuming can help your carpet live a longer life, because it removes all the dirt that can destroy the fibers. Try to devote time carpet cleaning hard to reach places as these areas are usually forgotten during cleaning time.

Perform the cleaning process systematically. Avoid going back and forth over the entire room, as this will make your cleaning activity more strenuous. For a more systematic cleaning process, make sure you have split the floor area into quadrants. Finish the entire area before transferring to the next quadrant.

Don't be in a hurry when cleaning your carpet. You need to allow a lot of time when vacuuming your carpet, especially if you have a plush carpet. This type of carpet holds a lot of dirt. Don't go over the carpet only once. Vacuum the area several times slowly, so you can get rid of all the grime which is right down in the fibers of the carpet.

When carpet cleaning places people often walk on, vacuum the carpet using a crisscross method. This type of movement ensures rigorous cleaning of the areas. Again, move slowly over these areas slowly so you are thoroughly cleaning it.

After cleaning your carpet, you can apply a product which will repel dirt and thus avoid dirt build-up. When you do so, make sure you follow all the instructions in the box. Make use of appropriate equipment so as not to make more mess on your carpet.

If your carpet smells bad because of dog urine or other materials which have fouled it, then a helpful tip is to put baking soda in the vacuum bag to eliminate the odor. If you can't seem to remove the bad smell on the carpet, then there is an easy to make carpet freshener which you can concoct right in your own home. Just mix herbs (lavender or rosemary) with cinnamon, ground cloves, and baking soda. You can also mix potpourri with a box of baking soda. Another alternative is a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and 15 drops of fragrance oil. Sprinkle any of these mixtures on the carpet and leave for a few minutes before vacuuming.