Cleaning Windows: Tips and Guidelines

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Living in a house without windows is like living in a cave. But living in a house with beautiful and clean windows is comfort. Each home needs windows for two major reasons which are ventilation and lighting. Who wants to live in a box with no holes where air can flow freely? No one does. Even house of pets must have holes or windows for ventilation. Lighting is also important because using natural lighting is an important tool to attain sustainability. Generating electricity has harmful effects to the environment. It is actually widely recommended to use the light of the sun as a source of light during the day so we can save electricity. This means that being able to let the sunlight pass through our windows to light our homes during the day is a big help to the environment. These two things are reason enough why a house needs windows but aside from these, a house is also more beautiful if it has nice windows.

Let us discuss further on the two major benefits of windows - ventilation and lighting. What is the relationship of these two factors in maintaining a clean window? Will ventilation or lighting be affected if your windows are not clean? Will neither air nor light pass through a dirty window?

Ventilation is referred to as the circulation of the air in a room. If air won't circulate then there is possible suffocation. Since the air outside passes through your windows as it enters your home, this means that it can also carry with it any dust or dirt that might be on your window. This can result to allergies to dust and other health issues. Just imagine how fresh air can be contaminated just because of dirty windows. This is why window cleaning is important because it can also cause health problems.

Natural lighting can pass through transparent glass windows. That is why most houses use transparent glass to allow light to come in. However, once the glass windows are not kept clean, streak will eventually appear and eventually glass degradation will occur. As the time goes by, if glass is not maintained, different contaminants will accumulate on its surface. We have to understand that glass is also porous and anything that can land on its surface can damage it if it is not cleaned regularly. The transparency of the glass can slowly be blocked with pollutants that accumulated on its surface. Because of this, the amount of light that enters the house can be affected as well as its quality. After all, once the glass has degraded, it won't look nice anymore which would make you spend more in restoring or replacing it.

Proper ventilation and natural lighting are just two good things that we benefit from our windows but keep in mind that we will only get these benefits if we maintain the windows clean. There are great contractors or companies who can do regular window cleaning services for you to assure you that get the benefits from having dust-free, dirt-free, clear and clean windows.

If you want the windows in your home to look sparkling clean, you have to clean them with a squeegee. A squeegee is used after the scrubbing stage of window cleaning for removing cleaning solution and water. It is the best tool for this task because it does not leave any blot spots or marks on your windows, the way a towel does. However, a squeegee can only be truly effective if you know how to use it properly. Here are some valuable tips that can help you use a squeegee proficiently.

Before you start using a squeegee to clean your windows, you have to try to get a good feel for the tool. If you are unable to control your squeegee well, it is likely that you will have streaks on your windows after cleaning. Streaks can form when you apply too little or too much pressure on the squeegee, or move it too fast or too slow while cleaning. The amount of pressure you apply is dependent on the angle at which you are facing the window as well as the speed of the squeegee. You have to keep adjusting your position and speed until you get the right feel. You can do this by practicing using a squeegee on a smaller window in your home. Keep scrubbing and using the squeegee, and pay attention to the effects of each adjustment you make. Soon, you will know what it takes to make the squeegee work effectively.

The next thing you need to do is check the squeegee channel. Make sure that the channel is perfectly straight and there is no excessive ware on the squeegee rubber. If you are uncertain whether the condition of the rubber is good enough, you should just use a new rubber. Also, you need to have two dry cleaning towels, one for wiping the squeegee and the other for cleaning the edges of the window.

Wet the entire window with soapy water first. To make sure that you do not leave streaks on your window, you have to move the squeegee horizontally, from one side edge to another. If you are right-handed, it is recommended that you begin at the right side of the window. Wrap one of your cleaning towels around your index finger, and wipe the entire right edge and top edge of the window until they are completely dry. This will prevent water from dripping down after you squeegee the window. Next, place your squeegee's rubber blade on the top right corner of the window, and pull it across to the other side, maintaining an angle of 15 to 20 degrees. Use a cleaning towel to wipe water off the squeegee blade, and check to make sure that the top and right edges of the window are still dry. Then, you can proceed to the next level below, and repeat the same process until you reach the bottom of the window.

After you have squeegeed the entire window, use a towel to wipe the edges. This will make your window look crisp and perfectly clean. If you find that you have missed dime-sized wet spots on your window, it is best that you start squeegeeing all over again, because simply wiping wet spots with a towel will leave marks on your window.